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Play: Tim and Charlie

Published 1992

"Timothy and Charlie”
A conceptual play based on fictional discussions between Charles Manson and Timothy Leary in jail together.

Highlights from a historical fiction stage drama about Timothy Leary and Charles Manson occupying adjoining cells in prison. Contains abstract dancing and visuals during cut scenes. Some of the subject matter contrasts Timothy and Charles' lifestyle with regard to the Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco scene in the 1960s. Timothy discusses how he tries to live up to what he preaches; yet Charles claims to be a victim of circumstance.

There is some discussion about the morality of both people being in prison; the prison guard sympathizes with Timothy; although a symbol of public opinion expresses that his sentence is justified for his marijuana use. The ethics of Dr. Leary's work with psychedelic medicine are discussed in a dramatic manner; the principle area of debate is that the practitioner abandons his position of authority in Dr. Leary's field.

Note: Dr. Timothy Leary was convicted and sent to prison for possessing a single joint of marijuana.

Audio/Visual sound, color


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